Skynamo - Complete Field Sales Platform

If your business has sales teams in the field selling products to customers, this platform is for you

An overview of Skynamo

Skynamo is a Powerful, Innovative Filed Sales Platform - Seamlessly Integrating with Sage Accounting Software


Skynamo is a Field Sales management and productivity platform used by hundreds of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers with sales teams in the field visiting customers on a regular basis. With incredible features, this app enables your sales team, and sales managers – to perform better and perform valuable actions while out in the field visiting customers.

Skynamo can be used by your entire sales team including field sales reps, internal sales staff as well as management. It helps create a transparent and collaborative environment by giving the entire sales team access to customer information.

Skynamo acts as a sales reps’ personal assistant in the palm of their hand. All tasks and visits are stored in an easy-to-use calendar, call reports are automatically generated, all customers and their history (visits, orders, form captures, invoices, etc) are stored in the app.


Skynamo stores your customer’s GPS location making it easier for you to plan meetings with customers in the same area by using the “filter by area” function. You can load your visit frequencies or call cycles and get reminded when a customer is due or overdue for a visit. You can easily capture all your meeting notes and refer back to them at any time.

The app continuously syncs data to Skynamo’s web portal and vice versa, ensuring sales teams always have the most up-to-date information. If integration is enabled, data stored in your company’s accounting or ERP system syncs on an hourly basis.

Skynamo is Your Complete Field Sales Solution

Know what's happening in the field

Gives managers and business owners a clear view of sales activity in the field

Eliminate time-consuming admin

Automates administrative tasks for reps and their managers, saving time and effort

Improve sales order accuracy

Provides reps with access to accurate product, pricing, inventory and customer information from the field

Increase business cash flow

Submit orders from the field or from home for quicker turnaround on orders to payment

Access product and pricing info

Skynamo gives sales reps remote access to the latest product, pricing, stock levels and customer information via their mobile device – even offline.


Track sales activity

GPS tracking automates administrative tasks for sales reps and provides managers with a live view or historic timeline of sales activity.

Why Use Skynamo?

Mobile First

Unlike applications that simply offer mobile access to their software, Skynamo has been developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users and access to all functionality - even offline.

Cloud Based

Skynamo is used as a smartphone application on the existing phone of your sales reps. No major hardware, infrastructure or technology expertise or investment is required. Get set up and going in minimal time.

Live GPS Tracking

When the Skynamo App is open, it automatically tracks sales activity to cut down on administrative tasks for sales reps, increase transparency, and compile valuable insights that enable smarter sales decisions.

Customers Across a Wide Range of Industries

Skynamo’s innovative features are helping hundreds of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors across a wide range of industries to sell more.

Food & Beverage

Building & Hardware


Wine & Spirits

Office Supplies




Pet Supplies

... and many more

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