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Sage 200 Evolution TRAINING & courses

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On-Site Training: Ideal for group training during and after product implementation

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Hands-on, Expert Training and Advice for the Convenience of Your Own Offices

With your qualified and experienced Sage 200 Evolution consultants on-site to implement your Sage 200 Evolution software, there is also the opportunity to provide training at your premises to individuals or groups who will be working on the software. All on-site training is on request and the training will be customised to the specific needs/modules used by the client.

Formal, Classroom-based Training: Ideal for Skills Improvement and Career Growth


Certified Courses to Improve Your Skills and Excel Your Career Oath

All Sage 200 Evolution classroom-based training is conducted directly by Sage, but Preferred Solutions can advise on these training courses which includes:

  • Sage 200 Practitioner: This comprehensive training course will give you a broad overview on how to use your Sage 200 Evolution software.
  • Sage 200 Product Consultant: This comprehensive training course will give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the different Sage 200 Evolution add-on modules.
  • Sage 200 Maintenance Technician: This comprehensive training course covers the maintenance activities and tools available for a Sage 200 Evolution environment.
  • Sage 200 Bank Manager: This comprehensive training course will give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the Sage 200 Evolution Bank Manager add-on module.

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