Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions about accounting and payroll software

Sage Pastel's accounting software is the preferred choice of many South African business owners & Accountants. The accounting software enables you to focus on what really matters and provides you with a streamlined accounting and management process. As a developer of accounting software packages, ERP software solutions and business management software, they have supported the growth of start-up, small, medium and large enterprises since 1989. Sage Pastel motivates you to go "beyond accounting" and give you the ability to focus on your core business. They believe in staying innovative in an ever-changing technological environment and aim to give you the confidence to do the same.
Sage Pastel has a growing customer base of over 6 million clients and 13,500 employees in 24 countries including the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, Asia and Brazil, they have the necessary infrastructure and experience to help your business succeed.


For smaller business that are outgrowing Sage Pastel (or your other smaller accounting software package, Sage Evolution is the perfect solution. As with all Sage software, the time and development that has gone into Evolution is of a high standard. Sage Evolution is not just an accounting / financial system but also an ERP (EnterpriseResource Planning) system and therefore focuses on information from a management perspective. From high stock movement needs to retail point of sale to manufacturing Sage Evolution has the capability to pull all the processors together.


No, we provide a full service, from recommending which package would best suit your needs, to installing and setting up your company and suggesting security measures.

All our Consultants have to maintain up to date technical certificates, attend regular workshops & Road Shows


Sage Pastel are the developers and owners of Pastel software. Their strength is that they have a large network of certified consultants that support their software. The Software is purchase through the Resellers from Sage, but the installation is totally separate. Each company has its own needs and its own setups, so not every site will be the same, it is better to be billed as required, that way you have full control on what support you want from the reseller.


Add on modules are modules that are available over and above the ‘core’ module purchased. More popular Add-On’s include Job Costing, Retail POS, Bills of Materials, Manufacturing, Serial Number Tracking, Lot Tracking & Advanced Procurement. These modules integrate seamlessly into Sage Pastel & Evolution and help to optimise your business processes and reporting. Your can read more about our Add-On modules by clicking here.